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Shapland, My Autobiography of Carson McCullers

1 minute read

I’m in the early pages of Jenn Shapland’s gorgeous My Autobiography of Carson McCullers, which brings the methods and subjects of literary criticism and biog...

In the Swim

2 minute read

Are there skills you developed as an adult that you enjoy enough that you wish you’d picked them up when you were younger?

Higher Education as a Social Good

14 minute read

A few days ago, I had the honor of keynoting the annual meeting of the APLU’s Commission on Economic and Community Engagement. The text of my talk is below.

New Books Network

less than 1 minute read

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to talk about Generous Thinking with Kai Wortman for the New Books Network.

Opening Up Peer Review

6 minute read

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak as part of a workshop held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the European Network for Cinema and Media Stud...


2 minute read

I’ve been wearing glasses with progressive lenses for a few years now, since it became clear that no form of contact lens-based correction was going to work ...

LG: Call for Respondents

less than 1 minute read

Friends, in support of the revision process for Leading Generously, as well as my broader research into the conditions for creating transformative change wit...

LG11: Onward

7 minute read

I hope that your holidays were restorative and that your 2021 is beginning as well as it can. In addition to spending this morning getting myself rebooted fo...

LG10: Solidarity

11 minute read

I’m taking a bit of a break from my official job-related duties this week, which is allowing me to think a bit about the path forward for Leading Generously....

LG9: Stories

6 minute read

Week 9 of Leading Generously; just a couple more to go. I hope you’ll send me any stories you’re willing to share.