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LG8: Support

10 minute read

Part 8 of Leading Generously, already! Thanks to all of you who have liked and retweeted and commented. There are just a few more chapters ahead, and I’m sta...

LG7: Trust

7 minute read

This chapter of Leading Generously contains my first real TK TK TK — I’m not happy with how this section wraps up, in part because I’m not convinced the sect...

LG6: Values

11 minute read

Part 6 in this early draft of Leading Generously. This puts us a little over halfway through, so it seems a good moment to reiterate: what I most need in ord...

LG5: Vulnerability

8 minute read

Here’s part 5. And boy, do I feel this one. Looking forward to any thoughts or stories you’re willing to share. Please feel free to leave them in the comment...

LG4: Listening

6 minute read

This is the fourth in a series of eleven or so posts, opening up my in-progress project, Leading Generously. I’m posting this material at this highly drafty ...

LG3: People

8 minute read

Well, that was a week. Days of anxiously reloading every news outlet I could, followed by some precious hours of celebration and relief. And now… the fight c...

LG2: You

12 minute read

This is the second draft chapter of eleven-ish in *Leading Generously. See the overview and the first chapter for the story thus far.*

LG1: Introduction

13 minute read

This is the first chapter of what promises to be eleven in an in-development project, tentatively entitled Leading Generously. For more on why I’m posting th...

Leading Generously

1 minute read

This post is a heads-up of sorts; I’ve got a project I’ve been working on for a bit now, and I’m hoping y’all can help with it.


2 minute read

Y’all. I found myself really needing to make some progress on a writing project. In order to do so, I needed to clear both my head and my schedule.