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LG7: Trust

7 minute read

This chapter of Leading Generously contains my first real TK TK TK — I’m not happy with how this section wraps up, in part because I’m not convinced the section goes at all far enough. I’m developing a plan for conducting interviews with folks willing to share their thoughts and stories with me; ...

LG6: Values

11 minute read

Part 6 in this early draft of Leading Generously. This puts us a little over halfway through, so it seems a good moment to reiterate: what I most need in order to make this project into the thing it should become is examples. Stories of institutional transformation, both successful and failed, fr...

LG5: Vulnerability

8 minute read

Here’s part 5. And boy, do I feel this one. Looking forward to any thoughts or stories you’re willing to share. Please feel free to leave them in the comments, or to write me at kfitz at

LG4: Listening

6 minute read

This is the fourth in a series of eleven or so posts, opening up my in-progress project, Leading Generously. I’m posting this material at this highly drafty stage in large part because I recognize the inescapably partial nature of my perspective on the kinds of transformative change I’m hoping to...

LG3: People

8 minute read

Well, that was a week. Days of anxiously reloading every news outlet I could, followed by some precious hours of celebration and relief. And now… the fight continues.

LG2: You

12 minute read

This is the second draft chapter of eleven-ish in *Leading Generously. See the overview and the first chapter for the story thus far.*

LG1: Introduction

13 minute read

This is the first chapter of what promises to be eleven in an in-development project, tentatively entitled Leading Generously. For more on why I’m posting this, and the kinds of input I’m hoping for, see Leading Generously. And tune in next Tuesday for more!

Leading Generously

1 minute read

This post is a heads-up of sorts; I’ve got a project I’ve been working on for a bit now, and I’m hoping y’all can help with it.


2 minute read

Y’all. I found myself really needing to make some progress on a writing project. In order to do so, I needed to clear both my head and my schedule.


less than 1 minute read

From today’s campus coronavirus update: “News this week of a spike in positive COVID-19 cases in the East Lansing area highlight the importance and urgency of our collective work to prepare for reopening campus this fall.”