Hi, Dave. Actually, I was inadvertently in NoVa right at the tail end of the Marine Corps Marathon, during my little travel delay last week, and R.’s hotel was filled with folks who’d just run. That’s part of what got me thinking about the whole marathoning thing again — seeing the exhilaration of those who’d finished. (Of course, alongside that were the plethora of folks hobbling around with one shoe on.)

L.A. in March should actually be pretty amenable; the average high in March is 70, though with some occasional weirdness. S.F.’s not a bad idea though; I should file that away for future thought. What I really want to run someday, though, is the Big Sur Marathon, which is supposed to be unbelievably gorgeous.

Thanks for the link to the running log; I’ve been using an old-fashioned notebook log for a while, which is nice for the flipping-back-through, but the kinds of calculations that the Excel log can provide are really appealing.

Though I don’t know what you mean by obsessive-compulsive.