Hey, GHW. Yes, in fact, I am following a program, though it’s one I’ve tinkered with a bit. I’m constitutionally incapable of following any recipe, but must combine at least two related recipes, plus a little personal taste, in order to come up with what I think I really want. I’d meant to comment on your how-to-start-a-running-program post, but it was mid-grading insanity time, and I think I just plain forgot. In any event: I’d start with the good folks at Runner’s World; there are lots of potential training schedules for every level of runner, seeking every level of training. The schedule I cobbled together for myself — starting with RW’s “beginners” marathon schedule (though I’ve run one before, it’s been so long ago, and I got so out of shape since then, that I’m effectively a beginner) and then made to accommodate irregularities in my schedule and the number of weeks I had available to train — is available here. Let me know what you work out, so to speak, and happy running!