Dear KF,

How odd to read the question about the possibility of resistence afteer the entry on commencement exercises. I know there is some revolutionary appeal to frame the question in terms of resistence. Contestation is so sexy. Yet if one were to carry over the thoughts about graduating students into the future gaze, would one be able to focus upon civic behaviour? I mean is there a way of not only phrasing but thinking through the question of what is to be done in terms not only oppositional but also counter cultural. Yes this an appeal to the DIY ethic that was evident in ecological and other movements that flowered in the 70s (with roots in way back). I think of that classic text by Audre Lorde, “The Uses of the Erotic” and the passage about the master’s tools…

Did a search of “despair” on the PlanOb blog. Came up with a mention in a comment to

Surely there must be an alternative timeline of the last six years of the current administration that mark off the occasions where the “right” did not succeed in imposing its might. There’s got to be at least two such moments, non?