Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest an en masse decamping for counter-culture isolation. I did mean to suggest that certain fashion markers make it easy to spot like minded souls. And thereby enjoy a feeling of being bouyed by the power of numbers. Of course fashion is cooptable (e.g. earings and men). There were/are aspects of the counter culture that were not just about dropping out. Tuning in and turning on, too!

I thought more about moments where the admin failed to control the discourse. As an outsider, I have two in mind: (1) the aftermath of Katrina (2)the May Day Marches and the power of the power of ‘locutores’.

In short, the long view is supported by a memory of a long past.

Just wanted to suggest that seeing the resistence reflected by the media is not the same as seeing the resistence. And furthermore the resistence may just look like civic duty.

Plus we worry about one of our favourite bloggers getting into a deep deep funk. As they say in French: “Courage, mon amie, courage!”