Ah, I’m so pleased you caught the reference, Chuck. Despite knowing on some rational level that the comparison is flawed — the USA Today article won’t kill blogging, even if everybody’s grandmother were suddenly to pop up on Blogspot tomorrow; what killed disco was less its popularization than the ravages of drugs and disease, not to mention the incipience of yuppie culture; it’s not exactly as though I’d make it past the bouncer at the blogosphere’s Studio 54 — I nonetheless had the sense, on seeing the article, of having been involved in something during its inexplicable prime, and of watching the beginning of the end.

Ogged, I’m not at all sure how I’d define the form. I’ll probably take the easy way out here and advert to Jill’s definition, which seems to me to convey a far greater range than “knitting to dating to homelessness,” an understanding that many of the most prominent blogs (Kottke, anyone?) aren’t political at all, and a greater sense of the community that blogging can build.

Of course, whether any of that can be conveyed in the paucity of USA Today’s column-inches is seriously open to question.

And Francois — circularity indeed. But not insularity, I hope. (And welcome back, by the way. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you around these parts…)