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I talked to my mother a little while ago, and the news from post-Gustav Baton Rouge (which only Josh and The Advocate seem to be reporting on at all) is not good: much of the city could be without electricity for as long as four weeks, with temperatures in the 90s, enormous lines for gas and basic supplies, and of course the usual incidents of price-gouging going on.

You’re not hearing much about this, because very few people have died, and the damage isn’t terribly picturesque, but many folks in Baton Rouge are, or will shortly be, in dire straits. The city got slammed with the worst hurricane damage it’s faced in more than 40 years. If you can help, and are at a loss for how, can I suggest a donation to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank? They’re very highly rated among local charities and their services are no doubt going to be in increasing demand, the longer the power stays off.

We’re all ecstatic, of course, that New Orleans was spared, but people in Louisiana still need your help — and they need to know that we’re paying attention…

4 thoughts on “The News from Baton Rouge

  1. I’ve been so miffed that all the news has been 99% about New Orleans–which came through just fine this time–and so little about the devastation in Baton Rouge.

  2. Thanks for the shout out – I’ve been surprised at the range of comments expressing the exact same frustration about the lack of coverage to the horrible devastation to Louisiana’s (now) biggest city. We’ll do our best to keep everyone posted… – JJT

  3. Oh my god, of course. I often feel like that about hurricane news in the US because my mom is in the Caribbean and the news always says, “will hit a few islands in the Caribbean before reaching the U.S.”

    Hope your family is okay.

  4. This entry came up in my google alerts and I wanted to thank you for calling attention to the plight of those in the Baton Rouge community. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is currently working to assist those who have been affected by Hurricane Gustav. If you have any questions about our distribution sites or how you can help, please call us at (225)359.9940.

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