The deletion question is interesting, and one that’s relevant to me right now for personal reasons (as I am reposting my blog, but not all the posts). I have decided that discretion requires me to remove some of the things I’ve previously posted – but going back through everything, the big question has been: does this post really incriminate me professionally, or does it just not add anything much to the blogosphere? I don’t have qualms about hiding things that I’ve decided aren’t very wise, professionally speaking, to discuss publicly, but what about the posts I think are just boring or silly? Because I’m reloading stuff and that takes time, I’ve been leaving them out, but there is part of me that feels this is wrong, because they’re part of the whole shape and progress of the blog. I guess the question is whether one thinks it’s important to preserve the whole process of one’s trajectory of thought – the blog as a fly trapped in amber, so to speak – or whether it’s possible to edit the blog like a book, and present it as a more finished project. I kind of prefer the fly trapped in amber metaphor, but for the moment the other is easier for me, and I don’t really have any good reasons for preferring one model over the other.

(Though I should add that I didn’t see anything embarrassing about your previous post!)