Thanks for these responses. I haven’t ever deleted a post, and the longer I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized that I’d probably only delete one if I belatedly felt it that it was hurtful to someone else. I feel pretty strongly about the ways that all of the posts here, the carefully considered ones as well as the totally flippant, knee-jerk, stupid ones, reflect something important about who and where I was at the moment of posting; to delete those posts, for better or for worse, would be to disown that self. But I’m also always aware that my name is all over this blog, and that everything I write is read publicly, by folks who know me as well as folks who don’t. Because of that, I tend toward discretion in posting. On the other hand, I’ve got tenure, and so I don’t have to worry quite so much about the professional ramifications of what I post here, which gives me the luxury of assuming that the only effect of any silly or ill-considered posts will be a bit of personal embarrassment.

Why, exactly, I felt some embarrassment around the Kirn post is a mystery to me now. Perhaps because I know perfectly well how to get in touch with him — either via the NYTBR or via his publisher — and so felt goofy for having asked. And somehow it was the PS that tied the knot for me. But whatever; call it something I ate.