I hold zero hope of a connection between the two. I expect that for the foreseeable future, the very rich will not have to wait for doctors. And (I’m getting old and conservative) some part of me is OK with that.

What I sincerely hope is that:

(a) All people in America (citizens or not) should have access to basic medical care. This doesn’t mean “Free MRI Day,” or something. Medical care is really damn expensive, and it’s not just because of inefficiencies or bureaucracy. Sometimes, advanced technology (machines and people) are a scarce resource. But just as there is no excuse for anyone to go hungry in America, there’s no excuse for them to get TB, or to get substandard care for illness or injuries. I think there should be more of a safety net. This can happen both through providing insurance for everyone, in some form, and by reforming the institution of medicine (nurse practitioners FTW).

(b) I want this to happen without my standard of care decreasing. I have a feeling that it will have a good effect on me–a healthy populace helps the economy, reduces crime, reduces the risk of contagious disease, etc.–but really, I’m pretty OK with my healthcare. I just don’t want it at the expense of the least fortunate.