22 October 2018, 17:34

I drove to city hall this afternoon and turned in my absentee ballot. In doing so, I saved $0.80 in postage and paid $1.85 in parking. But considering the crap luck I’ve had with absentee voting in the past (I’m looking at you, 2016), I’m taking no chances.

Only bummer: no sticker. But I voted.

28 September 2018, 10:21

I am attempting to proofread this thing about generosity and the public good today, but there’s something interfering with my concentration. Call it my apoplectic levels of rage. Yesterday was despair-inducing, but like @wynkenhimself, I’ve been sent utterly over the edge by the spinelessness of those who believe her and yet will vote for him anyway.

I fear it will not be the last time I say this: a shocking percentage of men in this country genuinely do not believe that women are full-fledged human beings. And we appear to be putting (another) one of them on the highest court in the land.

2 September 2018, 11:48

I have just finished reviewing the copy edits on a forthcoming project and am moved to send a shout-out to the awesome copy editors of the world. It can be painful at moments to see the flaws in what you wrote laid bare, but the process inevitably makes the work better.

That having been said: I tried mightily to submit to house style, but I will never be a Chicago convert. One guess which style they’ll have to pry out of my cold, dead hands…