Just beware the zebras (no, not the animals said with an “E” but the silly crosswalks with glowballs that are pronounced “z-ebb-ras”). The one aspect of London pedestrian life I struggled with the most was the trust built around these handy little crosswalks, where they expect you to charge across the street confident in the knowledge that whatever happens to be gunning towards you at the time – taxi, big red bus, motor scooter – will stop to avoid you. Pedestrian “right of way” – it always made me nervous.

But nothing makes London drivers more steamed than a hesitant pedestrian lingering at the edge of a zebra….

(And, for those who want to know more about zebras: http://www.travellondon.com/templates/Londontips/traffic.html )

Have fun in London – my favorite city 🙂