I have no problem with making committee work, advising, etc., count, thank goodness. Anything where my body is required to be in a certain place at a certain time is work to me. But (and I wonder if it’s my working-class background) I have a lot of time counting the intangibles, like reading (yet I can’t write the review, or anything else, without it), thinking, even revising class notes and lectures. It doesn’t help that I’m not married to an academic, either, so that when spouse comes home and askes what I’ve done with my day, I feel I have to justify my existence. I also want to be the serious all-rounder (rather than fast bowler) (place-kicker? do they HAVE all-rounders in American Football?)(ok, MAYBE Deion), but it’s way easier to justify weeding or cleaning when no one lese around seems to understand what I’m SUPPOSED to do for a living.

(hoping this isn’t posting twice)