Oh, Alex. I promise, from the bottom of my heart: That was not a complaint. We needed the rain more than I can tell you. Actually, that’s not true; I can tell you exactly how much we needed it. Late last month the Angeles National Forest was closed in order to forestall the chances of another major fire. The Forest Service shut things down indefinitely, saying that they’d reopen once the fall rains had begun. And now, rain. See: we needed the rain so much that they had to close the forest.

On top of which: it’s impossible to really appreciate the non-stop gloriousness without some intervals of wet and cold.

On top of which: there’s nothing like a little wet and cold to actually make you want to stay inside, drinking hot caffeinated beverages and working.

On top of which: I’m from Louisiana, and never feel completely right about the world unless it’s a bit soggy.

So, in sum: not a complaint. I swear. 🙂