You know, it was only a few years ago when a certain medievalist friend and me cast all of the main parts of Paradise Lost (Gwyneth Paltrow as Eve, only if she uses her British accent, for example). Sadly, nothing to do with Harold Bloom can ever be filmed because Charles Laughton is no longer alive to play him.

But I would like to get back to KF’s unhappiness with the book Nickel and Dimed itself. I thought it was an unflinching and long-overdue look at how 3/4 of America is living that no one wants to acknowledge. Ehrenreich (sp?) never offered the book as anything more than this, or am I being too forgiving of her original goals? Nevertheless, I certainly don’t see how it could successfully be mounted as a stage production without melting into some sort of icky finale using “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer.

And does no one want to even contemplate Camille Paglia’s work brought to life?