Ah, yes. When you put it like that, I completely understand what you are miffed about. I guess because I began with the premise that it was a book about class issues –thus, by extension it was going to be a treatise exposing horrid class issues while doing nothing about them– that I was not so troubled by its arriving at no conclusions. Instead, I thought she hearkened back to Studs Terkel, and that’s not a bad thing. Or is that now a bad thing and I am once again showing my ignorance as to what is currently deemed acceptable or not in that genre?

I guess I just keep coming back to –brace yourselves– teachable moments. I thought the book was a teachable moment, a text that, because of its press, would expose a lot more people to the horrors of the working poor in this country. Like my classroom, I am happiest not when the class in toto understands a moment in Shakespeare (though those are wonderfully satisfying moments), but when one student actually thinks differently for the first time.

When did I get this lame?