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For several years now, I’ve used reveal.js to build slide decks for my presentations. The primary appeal has been the ability to write new talks in Markdown ...


1 minute read

Over the holiday break, I did a lot of work to migrate my 20-year-old blog out of WordPress and into the Jekyll/GitHub configuration you see here. It was bot...

MLA 2023

15 minute read

I’m a little late in getting this posted, but I delivered the paper below at MLA 2023 as part of a session entitled “How the Liberal Arts Works,” organized b...


2 minute read

Building the new, but trying not to leave the old behind.

Hello World!

less than 1 minute read

Testing out Jekyll and making wayyyy more than minimal mistakes.

Hotel Elsevier

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You’ve already heard that Elsevier is evil. That they know this much about you — and that they are selling this data not just to our institutions but to god-...


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Spending today tinkering with a combination of ideas that have surfaced in my Mastodon feed over the last several days:

Tasks Matter

3 minute read

At some point in the last couple of weeks, a link passed through my feed pointing me to Ben Newton’s post on task-tracking in Obsidian. I loo...


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This morning, I am officially kicking off the process of revising Leading Generously for final submission. As the discussions there will show, I’ve got a lot...

Block Editor Question

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WP block editor gurus: Is there a way to use styles to create links that use different colors for the link text and the link decoration (i.e., the underline)...