10 December 2018, 17:22

I’m working on a big piece of writing that’s had me a bit paralyzed, both because there seem to be too many unknowns as yet and because the stakes of this particular piece of writing — a report! — are enormously high. Over the last couple of days, though, I’ve started making some progress, which is great; now what I mostly need is distraction-free time in front of a computer, which AHAHAHAHAHA.


  1. @kfitz The impending deadline for that piece of writing has kept me from being terribly present here of late. So this post is partly breaking the silence and partly testing out how all the cross-posting functionality I’ve set up works with WP5.0.

  2. @kfitz Thanks! Obviously it’s an experiment, but I think it will scratch the tweet-itch and also be a kind of diary of what I’m reading and thinking about. And a way to reach people who don’t do RSS, which is to say, almost everyone.

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