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Here’s how I know it’s almost summer: My dreams for the last nine months have been nothing but stress dreams. I’m at a conference and can’t find my way back to the third floor because the elevators on this side of the hotel only go to floors 53 and above, or sideways, or whatever. I’m in a train and my stop is coming up but I can’t find one of my suitcases and the contents of the other one are strewn all over the train car for some reason. I’m supposed to be moving out of my apartment in the morning and I haven’t started packing yet and my stuff seems to have multiplied and is tucked into all kinds of closets and shelves I didn’t even know were there.

Again, how I know it’s almost summer? Last night I dreamed that I was moving out of my apartment in the morning, but most of everything was already gone, and I was looking around thinking “all I need to do is pick up a few boxes; there’s not much to do here!”

Maybe this summer I’ll actually have dreams that aren’t about my administrative unconscious.



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