21 May 2018, 12:36

Thanks to @ayjay, I’m testing out micro.blog, linking the “aside” post type here and — if all goes well — eventually to twitter dot com as well. I’ve been working on consolidating my digital presence, and I’m hopeful that this might help.


  1. Quite new to the concept, but interested to hear your take. Pros/cons of just micro-blogging on your blog?

    1. That remains a bit to be seen! Part of what I’m after is consolidating my presence online as much as possible, especially onto platforms that I can control. Part of it is about consolidating my attention. We’ll see what works and what doesn’t!

      1. By “consolidating” do you mean the number of digital spaces you inhabit, or the number of digital spaces you have to go to have a presence in?

        1. More the latter than the former. I want to be able to control the platforms I’m using a bit more, but still to reach people where they are. I like micro.blog’s cross-post functionality for that!


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