15 August 2018, 11:20

At some point in the last few weeks I read a blog post about connecting the Aside format in WordPress to micro.blog in a way that includes the date/time as a post title but then suppresses the title from the WP timeline and the RSS feed. Does this ring a bell? (Maybe with @c?)

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  1. @kfitz The WordPress section of the Micro.wiki has a few bits that should help with that. I just write my posts as normal but strip the title out of short status posts in the RSS feed. Other folks do different things. @colinwalker‘s bits linked from the Wiki might get you going.

  2. @kfitz I just saw this as your at mention wasn’t wrapped, so I didn’t see the notification. I’ve got some ideas for you on this as well as your most recent post about your broader theme questions. I’m out a chunck of the day but will have more later!

  3. @c No worries! I’ve figured out most of what I needed and am slowly getting things functioning the way I want. Now to add titles on the existing asides!

  4. @kfitz Regarding your blog question about themes, this is why I moved off of Independent Publisher, with the aspirational hope that I would make Asides the root of my social media. I have so far settled on the theme Ryu (but haven’t implemented Asides, and then connected them to micro.blog).

  5. @dancohen Ah, I was wondering what you were using now! I’ve managed to get things mostly functioning now, though I’ve got a bit of tinkering still ahead.

  6. @kfitz alas, I feel like I have more than a bit of tinkering to do.

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