A Moment of Unrepentant Horn Self-Tooting

So I walk into a session after lunch on Friday, a workshop entitled “An Economy of the Gift”: Should Scholarship Be Available for Free?, where I am handed a handout. Said handout has, at top, a summary of the workshop’s purposes, which begins as follows:

In Cinema Journal recently, Kathleen Fitzpatrick notes the “insupportable economics of the current publishing system.” She argues for a “return of intellectual labor to an economy of the gift.” This workshop explores the practical and theoretical issues of a gift economy of academic publication.

It’s the first time I’ve really encountered myself in the third person like this. The world is suddenly a very strange place.

One response to “A Moment of Unrepentant Horn Self-Tooting”

  1. Toot away, girl!!

    Glad to see that you’re getting the recognition you so clearly deserve. We can all tell you how fabulous you are until the cows come home, but until you see it in print, it often doesn’t sink in.

    Revel in your fabulosity (and enjoy what’s left of the pathetically desperate Oscars).

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