A Quick Poll

You’ve just received a birthday present from your mother via UPS, but your birthday isn’t until tomorrow. Do you open the present right away, or do you wait?

4 thoughts on “A Quick Poll

  1. I cannot ever wait when it comes to things like that. (a) I don’t like surprises. (b) I’m all about the instant gratification. (c) If she really wanted you to wait to open it on your birthday, she would have timed the delivery differently, right? However, it is my standard practice to call the gift-giver and open the gift while on the telephone to him or her.

  2. Well, not much of an n, I guess (a little social-science humor there), but the results are nonetheless clear.

    Actually, I was pretty much just looking for permission, I guess, because I opened it right after reading R.’s advice.

    And my mom ROCKS, is all I’ve got to say. I’d completely forgotten that when she was here in January, she copied down the info about the pattern of my good flatware, the 8 place-setting set she’d picked up for me at a post-called-off-wedding garage sale. She sent me four more place settings, another set of serving pieces, and — most importantly today — a check. An utterly unexpected and all-around awesome present.

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