1. Frankly, I would be surprised if someone (regardless of age) was familiar with more than a few of the artists on my list. I try to find things that are off the beaten track.

    And I’ve heard of, but never heard, many of the musicians I list.

  2. The only ways I’ve heard of most of the things on my list are (a) courtesy of my good pals at KCRW, (b) through my students, or (c) from the music-obsessed folks on one of the listservs I haunt. I do not come to hipness easily, or wear it terribly well. But the music’s usually pretty good.

  3. In addition to posting on my deservedly desolate blog, I will post my own don’t-click-link right here, where at least 2 people are liable to [DON’T!] read it.

    There is quite simply too much media. If I were to suddenly have every book, cd, and dvd on my list, I would never get to everything. What a wonderful problem to have.

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