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Amidst the Gnashing of Teeth

I’d hoped to write something of substance today, something considering the impact that the Supreme Court’s Monday half-decision on affirmative action will have on higher education, or perhaps another bit of reportage from the Amsterdam/Prague trip. Or maybe something looking forward to the new projects I’m actually beginning this summer.

Instead, I am tinkering with the site. And tinkering is something I should really not be allowed to do, as we can see from past experience. (I’d intended to link to a second bit of stupidity there, but apparently I wisely chose not to broadcast it. Surprising to find myself showing discretion.)

Anyhoo, here’s the newest bit of idiocy: In attempting to install Dean Allen’s Refer, I’ve been playing with the .htaccess file. Suddenly, my top-level directory page (which is just a redirect to this page) is downloading instead of opening. [UPDATE: Fixed.]

Seriously, try it: The index page is index.php, and I’ve got a line in my .htaccess that reads “DirectoryIndex index.php” — so what gives?

Any insights would be most welcome. And hopefully I can get to that substantive writing soon.


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