And Then There’s the Other Problem

Which is my complete and total inability to maintain focus on the index. I am much too easily distracted.

The bad news is that I’m only up to page 28. The good news is that the last five pages have introduced all of the major terms of the argument, and I’ve been doing searches as I encounter them, and have been painstakingly categorizing the results as I go. So I really do suspect that things will get faster as I proceed.

You know, when I was younger, I thought the word was “pain-stakingly” rather than “pains-takingly,” and spent a fair bit of time imagining staking out the outlines of pain, as one would stake out the foundation of a house. Which only ever made sense in the way that misheard song lyrics can often be forced to make sense, but which now seems vaguely clever, as dumb errors go.

See what I’m saying? Too easily distracted.

3 thoughts on “And Then There’s the Other Problem

  1. Speaking of misheard song lyrics, my all time favorite is a friend from grad school who thought that Bananarama’s “Venus” was really “Penis.” I kid you not.

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