And They’re Out, in the Regional Semi-Final

I haven’t been paying much attention to LSU basketball this season, though my stepfather has repeatedly told me that I should. And I didn’t watch much of yesterday’s first round games in the annual celebration of Madness (except, of course, the bit that I caught while I was having my nails done. Yes, I was the only customer, and the guy who did my manicure was a guy, and the only other employee in there was also male, and there was basketball on the television set. The whole thing was a little odd). But I did have a wincing moment of precognition when I first saw the bracket, given that the Atlanta regional bracket looked like this:


What did I foresee? LSU getting slaughtered by Duke in prime time. And now, given that the bracket has begun to look more like this —


— well, it’s beginning to look pretty much inevitable. I guess there are worse ways to go out.


  1. LSU matches up very well with Duke. Duke’s been disappointing in the Tourney in recent years, losing their Sweet Sixteen game a number of times. If the Tigers can get past Texas A&M (which they should), they have as good a chance against Duke as anyone.

    Knock. On. Woo…

  2. Whew. Needless to say, LSU losing to Texas A&M didn’t figure into my plans, though it very nearly figure into theirs. So I’m knocking on all that wood with you, DN.

    (But hey! Go NW State!)

  3. My Hoosiers lasted as long as LSU and NW State! Go Zags (anybody but UCLA — they have won enough for three millenia.

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