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And We're Back...

… sort of.

We rolled back northward from SIGGRAPH yesterday, a bit dazed yet from the sensory overflow of the conference and the tradeshow. I’m not sure that I’m quite done processing what I’ve picked up this week (including participating in a couple of quickie Apple Pro Training sessions on Shake 3 and DVD Studio Pro 2, catching a number of demos of other forthcoming and recently updated software and hardware packages, and watching a slew of new animation). In fact, I’m pretty sure that I haven’t, as I find myself at a complete loss as I try to piece together some kind of report. I’ve got some partly-formed ideas, though (particularly about the puzzling relationship between interactivity and presentation that the conference reveals), that I’ll hope to solidify over the weekend. Watch this space as we (attempt to) return to normal programming on Monday.

In the meantime, I’ve got reading to finish, and an article that I think I might finally have a handle on to write, and there is that ominous breeze I’m feeling against the back of my neck as the calendar pages flip mercilessly toward September…


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