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The last few days have been a blur of travel and family, all of which I survived, though not without some bumps along the way. I’m happily ensconced in my hotel room in Chicago now, though, awaiting what promises to be the most action-packed MLA I’ve experienced.*

If you’re around and want to say hi, you can likely find me at many of the various panels thoughtfully put together by the Association for Computers and the Humanities**, including of course my own. I’ll hope to see some of you there.


*Not counting MLAs at which I’ve conducted interviews, I guess, but those are hard for me to characterize as action-packed, really, as sitting in a hotel room talking for hours on end hardly strikes me as action.

**[Updated, 12.27.07, 9.34 am: I must have been more tired than I thought I was last night. The panels themselves have been put together by various entities, only one of which is ACH; the list of panels was collated by ACH. Sheesh.]

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