Anxiety, Obsolescence, Etc.

So the forthcoming book now has a page at B& and Amazon. Which seems to suggest it’s actually going to come into physical being in the world at some point between now and May 30. Which is awesome.

But: I’m still waiting on the page proofs. Which means that said book still has no index.

And: I’m quite amused by B&N’s “more on this subject” classifications for the book. “American fiction -> History and criticism,” yes. “Popular culture -> United States,” of course. “Literacy -> United States,” by all means. But “Archaeology -> Guatemala”? Mighty curious what produced that link.


  1. Yaaaay. 😀 course if it came out after may 30th, perhaps on may 31st, why, what would be my birthday. 😉 But books come out on tuesdays, so I guess its unlikely. Anyway, congrats, and I look forward to it with anticipation.

  2. B&N lists the upcoming book as part of a series of monographs Vanderbilt Institute of Mesoamerican Archaeology Monograph

    also published by the Vanderbilt University Press no doubt…

    hence Guatemala “see more” reference

    Congrats on the forthcoming and happy run through the proofs

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