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AOIR 6.2.1: The Whinging Continues

On the up side, I slept like a big dog. Apparently, there was a choice to be made between sleep and breakfast, one I thought I’d sorted out — the concierge lounge remains open on Friday mornings until 11, so no sweat. Alas, my one crack at a free breakfast this weekend (the concierge lounge is closed Saturday and Sunday) ended at 9.30, and I was moving so slowly this morning that I didn’t make it down there until 9.45.

On other fronts, the good news is that the wireless is working again. The bad news is that my Technorati tags are not; tagged posts are supposed to be gathered here, but mine are not showing up. Perhaps my pings aren’t going through. Or perhaps there’s a whinging filter. Which would probably be all to the good.

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