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AOIR 8.1.2

The first keynote of the conference was from John Lester of Linden Labs, on Second Life. It was an interesting talk, for someone (like me) who has paid very little attention to what’s been going on there — a broad swath of the kind of experimentation that have been produced both by the developers and by the users (often completely unexpected by the developers). But it still wasn’t enough to get me to commit to spending the time necessary to get up to speed in SL, not enough to get me over my resistance, which is largely based on my sense that the vast majority of the SL experience is all about various forms of capitalist exchange.

On the one hand, it’s not fair to ask an industry guy — a developer — to be critical about the technology that he’s presenting. On the other hand, I find myself wanting something more. And I’m suspecting I’m not alone: the questions have been interesting, but the answers haven’t really gotten at their substance.


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