I’ve been gnashing my teeth over a stupid browser problem, and bemoaning said browser’s total lack of online support, particularly of the discussion group sort, and thinking to myself that gee, I wish I had someone I could ask this question, or some forum in which I could ask it.

Okay, so I’m slow.

Anyway, here’s the issue, and I’m mostly aiming at you multi-browser Mac OS X types. See the link over on the right that reads Academic Belatedness? Follow that link, first in IE5. Things should look pretty familiar to you; I’m using a more-or-less identical CSS on that server to that I’m using here. Fine.

Now follow that link in Netscape/Mozilla.

You see what I mean? For some reason, Netscape can’t find the CSS. It’s not as though it can’t read it; it reads it fine on this server, and even when I open the Academic Belatedness page from my hard drive, where it sits in precisely the same relation to the CSS as it does on the server, it reads fine there. It just simply can’t (or won’t — perhaps it’s an act of will, designed to make me batty) find it on the server.

Any ideas? As you might guess, I’m clueless, and annoyed.

3 thoughts on “Arrgh.

  1. We may have this licked. I think it’s a mime-type misconfiguration on the server here. I know you’re all waiting with bated breath, so I’ll keep you apprised.

  2. Looks like you beat me to it. I had the same problem with a site I run at work. Yes, it’s MIME misconfiguration – the CSS file isn’t being sent as type ‘text/css’, which Moz requires.

    If you haven’t found another fix, create an .htaccess file on your pomona webspace with the line:

    AddType text/css .css

    or, if it’s just the one page, you could use an embedded style-sheet inside the page itself rather than an external one.

  3. Alas, my friendly admin has apparently disabled .htaccess, so that won’t work. I’m after them to update the configuration. Thanks for the confirmation, Rory!

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