Back from the Undead

Well, almost.

Oprah’s back, that is; she announced today that the book club will soon be back from the dead. Interestingly, Oprah’s Book Club, Take Two will focus on the much-maligned Dead White Men of the world of “literary classics.” Says Oprah, she “cannot imagine a world where the great works of literature are not read.”

Is it a coincidence that a mere 24 hours earlier, another cultural phenomenon announced the imminent death of its undead realm?

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  1. Oprah also referred to reading as “a gift to herself.” Which prompted my friend Gary to ask “Is there anything which, undertaken by Oprah, could not be construed as a gift to herself?”

    Oprah really is a religion; behold, she giveth herself to herself, and so in the giving gives us all, each, our own selves, which is to say, herself.

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