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Beginning the Weekend, a Little Bit Early

Good gravy, but I’m useless on a Friday afternoon. I’ve gotten nowhere in the drafting process today, not least because my usual morning yogalates class completely and totally kicked my ass. Since then, I’ve changed clothes, eaten lunch, drunk a diet Coke, and sat here hitting refresh on my browser over and over, to no real end.

I must, however, get my act somewhat more together now, in order to pack. It’s been a blissfully travel-free six weeks, but alas, it’s over. Tomorrow, I leave for L.A. for a meeting, about which I’m really excited. I come back here Wednesday, and then leave again Thursday for this. (Yes, poor me.) Then back here Monday, and then off on Thursday once more for here. (Life is very, very hard.) Then back again on Monday, at which point there will be something less than two weeks left before I load up the car and head back to California.

Trust me when I say that I’m not complaining about any of these trips, including the return to California. It’s just how fast the time is going, and how quickly I know the next few weeks will speed by, that’s got me dragging my heels a bit, wanting nothing more than to stay put, right now.


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