Big Readers

Book Magazine has released this list of “America’s Biggest Readers” (via Arts & Letters Daily). Each member of this list of folks consumes up to 20 books a week, with a diet ranging from romances through mysteries to the classics.

Something about this article completely freaks me out. Is it the sense one gets of a kind of impending textual obesity in these folks from the relentless reading-is-like-eating rhetoric (which I’ve of course reproduced above)? Is it the embarrassingly American celebration of quantity over quality? Is it that the nominees for Biggest Reading Writer and Biggest Reader in the White House are themselves such horrifying spokespersons for the literary impulse in this country?

One thought on “Big Readers

  1. Upon reflection: I think some of what’s so thoroughly unnerved me is the idea of Condy reading War & Peace, which, it seems evident, she half-understood. Also the business about her setting aside time to read “journal articles and the like” prior to September 11 — since then, apparently, she’s been too busy reading our mail to take in anything else.

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