Someday I will discover the secret to making the first day of class not desperately dull. Alas, I haven’t figured it out yet. The dullness has in part to do with the emphasis on policy-download during that first session, which is simply tedious, any way you slice it. But it also has to do with my first-day nervousness, which makes me unfocused and a bit blathery.

This is far from an ideal combination.

That said, I’m very excited by both of my classes, both by the material I’ve laid out for us to work on this semester and by the students who’ve signed up. (Assuming I haven’t bored them all away yet.) It promises to be a great, if busy, fall.

My classes, both of which will be blogging this semester:

— ENGL 170L, Special Topics in Contemporary Fiction: Writing Machines.

— MS 190, Senior Seminar in Media Studies: Authorship.

2 thoughts on “Bleh.

  1. The classes sound fascinating. How do you like using Sakai? (as opposed to say Moodle?) Do you post the syllabi to your courses?

    [Bug fix: your /170L homepage has a bad link in the upper left to /170J]

  2. [Thanks, JD — that’s been wrong all month!]

    I’m actually going to respond to the Sakai question in a full-on post (yes, a post! with content!) later this afternoon; I’ve got some thoughts about this I’d like to explore…

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