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Panel 5: Frank Mantek and Jeremy Ruston

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panel 5

frank mantek

“the google data api”

ways software can suck

apis hinder usage of software in pocket pc

what happens when you lose your cell phone? too complicated for most people to back up or synchronize data on cell phone

google maps api isn’t really an api–the exciting thing is that we can get at the data

google calendar, blogger, google base use apis

okay, i gotta confess, i’m just not following this at all. didn’t get my nap this afternoon, and it’s catching up with me.

jeremy ruston

“why wiki? a glimpse of our post-document future”

osmosoft (inventor of tiddlywiki)

one wiki feature that tiddlywiki doesn’t have: multiple authorship

instead, personal wiki–semantics of document, but with wiki functionality

rear-view mirrorism of microsoft word’s notion of “document”

“crushing disadvantages” of wysiwyg display–esp. linking

problems with online documents–like newspaper articles–they don’t link within text, but include list of links externally, in sidebar

wiki pages, by contrast, are most known by their internal links

jacob neilsen on documents: useit.com/alertbox/hype.html

(we’re writing on web, but office tools we use barely support linking)

analysis of tiddlywiki’s linking structures

desire for applications that link content and functionality


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