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Keynote 1
Rod Smith (IBM) on Mashups

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evolution of applications–diy web

new vein of ‘instant’ web appliations connecting and aggregating content

mashup/remix of web apps

remixability–open APIs, enabling ‘applications’ that can be created by non-professional programmers

“mashable” suggests a broader audience than just IT folks

customer interest high in Ajax, RSS/Atom, etc

Atom/RSS are XML-based file format intended to enable lists of information, ‘feeds,’ to be synchronized between publishers and consumers

— represents a fundamental shift in how consumers consume media

APP (Atom Publishing Protocol) could take this one step further

Ajax–Open Ajax Alliance–50 companies collaborating

internet technologies are enabling businesses to expand their ecosystems and partnerships–but time requirements for creating these partnerships take time, and many such collaborations don’t last–resulting in applications not getting created because it’s not affordable

Smith’s team attempting to rethink how this work gets done: creating dynamic apps for dynamic partnerships, using just enough IT savvy, and creating “disposable” apps

“enterprise mashups”

“situational apps”–built to solve immediate, specific business problem, blending static and dynamic content; community-based collaborations

(compare to jotspot, ning)

tom coates: “A web of data sources, services for exploring and manipulating data, and ways that users can connect them together.”

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