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BlogTalk Reloaded 2.3

Panel 3
Anne Bartlett-Bragg and Ricardo Cambiassi

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anne bartlett-bragg

“reflections on pedagogy: understanding adult learners’ experiences of weblogs”

has been blogging with students since 2001

purpose of study: investigate the variation in adult learners’ experiences of developing social networks via blogs

phenomenographic study

categories of response:

— developing networks is constrained by what the technology can do (blame the technology: weblog has held me back; couldn’t make it do what I wanted)

— developing networks is conditional to creating an engaging online identity (if I’m not engaging, no one will read me; bloggers need “fan clubs” to develop networks)

— developing networks is reliant upon proficient writing–having opinions and being able to articulate them (anxieties about writing)

— developing networks is about discovering others in similar fields of interest (where do I find them?)

— developing networks is about active participation, reading, writing, and exchanging opinions (they get it)

implications for how we teach, how we facilitate getting students through each stage

ricardo cambiassi

“an attention odyssey: social news reading and communities of interest”

(completely tuned out, alas; seems like it was a good presentation. i’ll have to go back and watch the video)


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