On George’s recommendation, I’m attempting to move my book links from Amazon to BookSense, which links independent booksellers nationwide. If you’re in the U.S. and follow one of these links (like the link to Cryptonomicon in yesterday’s entry), you should find yourself on a page asking for your zip code, and then be redirected to a local bookseller from whom you can purchase the book.

In theory. In practice, the redirect isn’t working. If any of you have had any luck getting this to work, let me know…

2 thoughts on “BookSense

  1. “Len”! “Steve”! Long time, no see — good to hear from you.

    You raise a good point, and are kind enough not to mention that some bookslinging behemoth once put dinner on the table for yours truly, as well. In fact, it was even a pretty nice dinner, which is what saved me from the traditional grad school fare of ramen noodles and dried beans. Consider my manners hereby put on notice.

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