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Frequent flyer summer continues today with a quick dash to Louisiana to see my pal Marcus. I decided at the last minute to drag the Powerbook with me, but given that I’m down to an average of about — and I wish I were exaggerating the situation — 40 minutes of battery life when I’m not plugged in, and given that I’m not spotting any outlets anywhere near me (I’ll go on the hunt shortly), I’m not sure how much in the way of insight I’ll be able to produce here.

Then again, this last week has been pretty insight-free. Brain is a bit scrambled, and its shell is extremely tired. I’ve been powering down the Dennis Lehane this week, but not writing much of anything at all. All my batteries could use a little recharging, I suspect.

I’ll be back in DC on Thursday, but hope to send electrifying reports from BR between now and then.

[UPDATE: If you needed confirmation of the scrambled-brain: Got to my gate, found an outlet, plugged in, realized I have no boarding passes. Had boarding passes before. Not in either carry-on. Went back to cash register of place I bought a diet Coke half an hour ago. And voilà: boarding passes. All’s well that ends well, I guess.]


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