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Just so you know.

I’m experimenting with moving the bulk of entries under the fold, so that more entries are immediately visible on the index page, with a minimum of scrolling. If this is too annoying, let me know.


  1. I’m reading through your rss feed via bloglines. Problem is I don’t see there is more than what comes through. So if you could say there’s more, I’ll know I have to follow the link… Thanks!

  2. Really good point, Frances. My template adds a lovely little “more” to my index page whenever I use the extended-text field, but of course that “more” is in the template, not the entry, so it doesn’t pop up in my feeds. I’m going to have to tinker with the feed templates, and see if I can get some kind of indicator to show up there. Thanks!

  3. I’ve set up two feeds for my blog… one that has even the below the fold stuff and another that just has the teasers. Don’t know how difficult that would be for your software. -Joe

  4. This whole click on an article thing is really annoying to me. Partly because I’ve developed the habit of loading a whole pile of blogs into Safari each in their own tabs then possibly reading somewhere that I don’t have internet (so clicking on links isn’t really a possibility. I’d prefer that most stories be presented whole on the main pageg.

  5. I agree with Frances: I read via RSS and all I got was that first sentence. Curiosity led me to click, of course, and I appreciated being able to choose whether to read about the end of SFU. But, another point, do you really want to put this tinkering project all up in your early-bird to-do list? It seems like you’ve already tackled the new year by blogging more than ever. I hope that doesn’t sound harsh; I struggle with this exact set of meaningful-accomplishment/efficient-use issues so it kills me to watch others suffer. PS: Good luck with Katrina.

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