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Byron Preiss

Back in grad school, I did a bunch of freelance work in electronic publishing, working first for the Voyager Company, and then for Penguin Electronic. In fact, I was the last employee of Penguin Electronic, literally the one who shut off the lights on the way out. At the time, I was the producer of the CD-ROM version of Total Television, which we built in collaboration with Byron Preiss Multimedia.

Today, via Nalo, I find out that the founder of the company, Byron Preiss, died over the weekend in a traffic accident. I’m struck by this, not least because of the ways that my history in multimedia is this summer moving into the present. Byron was a pioneer, and his work, like that of the Voyager Company, was well before its time. For any such production I’m able to do in the future, I owe Byron Preiss a debt of gratitude.


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