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Can You Hear Me Now?

So the antenna broke off of my cell phone the other day, and I’m imagining all that electromagnetic activity, with no other focal point, penetrating my skull and gradually radicalizing all my brain cells.

Couple that with my general desire for a new handheld to replace the old Palm V I’m still using, and it seems to me it’s time for a new PDA/phone combo.

I’m a Mac user, so I’m sticking with the Palm OS options. So what I’ve got in front of me seems to be the Handspring Treo (either the 300, with the Sprint PCS network, or the 270, with either Cingular or T-Mobile), the Palm Tungsten W (with AT&T Wireless), or the Kyocera 7135 (with Verizon Wireless). My current service is with Verizon, and so there’s an ease to the Kyocera — new phone, not new service.

But as long as I’m changing things…

Are there pressing reasons to go with another model than the Kyocera? Are any of the other cellular services better than Verizon? What would I miss by not switching?

Any advice, opinions, or general ranting that can be passed my way would be much appreciated.


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