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I’m tinkering a bit with my categories, trying to make them a bit more tree-like, but given that I’ve already got two systems represented here (the old tripartite novels/networks/inbetween structure and the more recent whatever-occurs-to-me structure), they’re not organizing terribly well. In any case, several of the categories at right expand when clicked upon, in particular “life,” “media,” “technology,” and “work.” But I’m dissatisfied, as some of the subgroupings are uncomfortable. Is “reading” really a child of “media”? (For me it is, which may say something about which way the wind is blowing in my academic affiliations.) But is “blogging” better considered “media” or “technology”? Or “work,” or “life,” for that matter? How did I end up with both a “blogging” and a “metablogging” category? Wouldn’t a blog post labeled “blogging” automatically be an instance of metablogging? In which case a blog post that consciously labeled itself “metablogging” would be, in fact meta-metablogging?

Sigh. More changes under the hood are afoot, though one hopes they’ll be pretty subtle.


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