Chalk One up for My Powers of Prediction

I’m pleased to admit, here (the Internet) and now (approximately 7.55 pm, Wednesday, October 20), that I declared the ALCS “over” last Saturday, after the Yankees went up 3-0 in the series, having shellacked the Sox 19 to 8.

I’ll also admit, while I’m at it, that I declared, with heavy heart and gloomy outlook, the presidential race “over” in the weeks after the RNC, when Dubya was way, way up and Kerry just didn’t seem to be coming out to play.

The moral of the story? It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

And I’m now thinking that Boston may be my kinda town. But I’m not predicting nothing.


  1. totally! i never though i would see the day when the sox could do this. i am glad…i just never thought it was possible. lets hope we are glad to be wrong(again) in a few weeks

  2. I love Boston! Beautiful town – haven’t been there for three or four years, though. Too bad about Venessa Snelgrave 🙁

    When Steven Tyler was singing the National Anthem, I kept expecting the crowd to chant “O” when he got to “O’ say can you see”, but that’s something that only happens at Oriole’s games.

    Kick ass, Boston!

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