Coming Soon…

I’ve been running hither and yon (mostly yon) these last weeks, and dealing with the complexities of life-in-a-suitcase, and thus failing to resume anything like my normal programming schedule. But I promise, I’ll be back with new things soon.

Like: thoughts about Helen DeWitt’s The Last Samurai (which bears no connection to the forthcoming Cruise vehicle), which was pressed upon me by a colleague and which I’ve spent my few available writing hours instead devouring.

And: twelve reasons why I hate Neil LaBute, none of which so aptly or calmly put as Bill’s.

And: an ode to my new Titanium.

And: a notable absence of whining about the intricacies of my move, which is at last due to complete this Saturday.

All this, and more, in the next few days.

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